Benefits of Working as a Freelance Writer The Outline

I.Introduction to freelance writing
A.Dictionary Definition
1.Explanation for freelance writing
II.Job Satisfaction in Freelance writing
A.Independence in working
1.Professional Ethics
2.Monetary benefits
III.Professional Autonomy
A.Freedom of choice
1.Choice of subject
2.Acquisition of Knowledge
IV.Stress Management

A rebel protagonist against male injustice: with Special Reference to "The Binding Vine"

A rebel protagonist against male injustice:Urmila is Shashi Deshpande’s first protagonist who decides to fight another woman’s battle. Urmila gets no support from her family members and when the hospital authorities decide to shift Kalpana to a suburban hospital, Urmila protests and decides to take the matter to the press, thinking that Kalpana might get justice. Urmila succeeds in stopping the transfer of Kalpana to another hospital Urmila’s friend Vanna and Inni mother, at home, are unable to understand her deep involvement with the girl. Vanna goes a step ahead and warns Urmila- “It’s none of our business”(171). (37).Urmila never hinders from the oppositions, she pursues the case and eventually reopens the case. The police are asked to present their new investigations. With the help of her, friend Malcolm, she presents Kalpana’s case in the press. This rape issue once again gains public attention and the Government orders a deep investigation. Soon after, there is a demonstration …